Pet Boarding Insurance - British Pet Insurance (2023)

What is a Pet Boarding Insurance Policy?

Pet boarding insurance is an agreement that provides financial coverage in case an animal or caretaker gets injured because of certain activities. These activities can include anything from transferring pets to moving their supplies for better management.

This can not only cost you lawsuits but can also charge thousands of pounds in a single case. The risk increases further if several employees or the general public get injured during your business processes. According to statistics, the median award in personal injury cases was £670,000 alone in 2019. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to these smaller details.

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What do these Policies Cover?

The pet boarding insurance policies have plenty of options and coverage that can benefit pet-related business owners. These include the following types of coverage.

Public Liability

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The pet boarding insurance policies have a public liability coverage starting from £1 million, which increases up to £10 million on average. This amount depends on the premium you wish to pay and want to spend for coverage. Most of this coverage includes any damages or injuries to third-party owners, the general public, and their properties.

Public liability is the most common kind of lawsuit that shows up in cases of pet boarding. Therefore, always ensure yourself against public liability to avoid financial loss.

Key Coverage

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People related to dog walking professions may lose the client’s key. These cases take hundreds of pounds to get another one. However, the key coverage provides for new keys, lock replacement, and several other expenses. This can cover costs up to £10,000. You can also add alarm costs and call-out costs in this kind of coverage too.

Care, Custody, Control

Pet business includes dealing with lost pets, illness, or death of an animal under your care or custody. It does not necessarily have to do with the kind of care you provide. These pets are can be unpredictable as well, and can land you in claim issues. Pet boarding insurance provides insurance up to £50,000 or £25,000 per pet for claims like these.

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Close family Extension

The close family extension coverage provides for any close relatives you hire in your business. This can include your spouse, your children, or your parents. It is because you can claim for their care without dipping into the employee insurance coverage.

Non Negligence Coverage

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There is always a chance that you or your employee injures a pet under your custody because of human error. This includes accidental damage, injuries, death, and much more. You can provide for their treatment or for a replacement cost depending on the terms of agreement.

Equipment Coverage

Taking care of pets and keeping them in custody professionally requires a lot of equipment. Most insurance provides standard £250 coverage for any equipment that you lose due to negligence or theft in your business. You can increase this total protection to as high as £30,000. It all depends on what kind of equipment you wish to cover in these insurance policies.

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