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The Certified Wound Care Nurse (CWCN®) is developed and maintained by the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Certification Board (WOCNCB). The CWCN certification is for general practice nurses interested in moving to the specialized wound care field. This voluntary credential proves a nurse’s knowledge and qualifications through a rigorous and thorough examination and continuing education.

This page will cover the CWCN exam, what information the examination covers, the number and type of questions you can expect, the score you need to pass, and everything you need to register for the assessment.

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There are two pathways to eligibility for the CWCN exam. Both pathways require you to hold a current Registered Nurse (RN) license and a bachelor’s degree in any field. Additional requirements are defined below.

Traditional Pathway

For this pathway, you need to have graduated from an accredited Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) Nursing Education program within the past five years. The WOC program must be accredited by the WOCN® Society and include 40 hours of didactic instruction, 40 hours of clinical patient care, and 20 hours distributed between specialty areas.

Experiential Pathway

This pathway focuses on your experience in the specialty after obtaining your bachelor’s degree while practicing as an RN. This pathway requires 100 Continuing Education (CE)/Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits (50 credits per specialty) or an equivalent in college courses completed over the five years before the date of your application. Your CE/CME credits must apply directly to the CWCN specialty. Additionally, you must have 3,000 patient clinical hours (1,500 clinical hours per specialty) within the previous five years, with 375 clinical hours obtained within the past year. The required clinical and education hours must be directly related to the specialties.

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Exam Outline Overview

The CWCN contains 120 multiple-choice questions, ten of which are unscored, and you will be given a time limit of two hours.

There are three types of questions on the exam:

  • Recall (25%): Recall or recognize specific information
  • Application (61%): Comprehend, relate, or apply knowledge to new or changing situations
  • Analysis (14%): Analyze and synthesize information, determine solutions, or evaluate the usefulness of a solution

The exam contains three domains, divided into tasks that evaluate your knowledge and skills.

Domain I: Assessment and Care Planning (39 items)

  • Determine the patient’s current health and risk status through interviews, medical records, and questionnaires
  • Determine the patient’s current skin and wound status by performing focused assessments
  • Develop a patient-centered plan of care using health history and assessments to establish skin and wound management goals
  • Use periodic assessments to evaluate the care plan and to promote optimal skin and wound management

Domain II: Intervention and Treatment (44 items)

  • Implement prevention measures to promote skin health and injury prevention
  • Recommend and provide interventions to promote wound management
  • Recommend/perform debridement to promote wound healing

Domain III: Education and Referral (27 items)

  • Instruct patients and caregivers using the individualized skin and wound care plan to prevent complications, maintain optimal health, and encourage autonomy
  • Instruct healthcare clinicians and providers on skin and wound care principles and techniques, promoting optimal management and preventing complications
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to support patient-centered care

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Registration for the CWCN exam is available only online. You must complete the application, upload the required documents, and pay the $395.00 registration fee. The fee is payable online via credit card or mail with a personal check or money order.

Scheduling the Exam

Scantron will email your notification of eligibility to sit for the examination once your application is approved. From your approval date, you have 12 months to complete the exam.

Exam Delivery Methods

There are two exam delivery methods: at a Scantron testing center and by a remote proctor.

Scantron Testing Facility

Scantron testing centers are located nationwide and internationally. Testing sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and are based on test center availability. Tests are generally offered Monday through Friday with two sessions per day. There is an additional fee of $150.00 for examinations scheduled outside of the US or Canada.

Remote Proctored Exam

Live remote proctoring allows you to take the exam from the comfort of your home or office. Requirements for remote testing include a desktop or laptop computer (tablets and mobile devices are not eligible for remote proctoring), a webcam, and a microphone. Remote proctored exams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Exam Scores

Your final results are provided immediately after the exam. You can also view your scores through the online credentialing system found on the Scantron website.

WOCNCB uses a scaled scoring method to determine the minimum passing point. Each correct answer is worth a raw point, and the raw points are totaled to determine your final scaled score.

Your score report indicates your pass or fail status, not an exact numbered score. Because it can vary from test to test, WOCNCB does not publish the required passing score.

Retaking the Exams

If you need to retake the exam(s), WOCNCB offers a one-time discount of $100.00 (after the first retake, full fees apply). You can take the exam up to three times with a 30-day waiting period between attempts without having to reapply. However, additional attempts after the third require a new application.

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How many questions are on the exam?

There are 120 questions on the CWCN certification exam.

How long is the exam?

The CWCN exam is timed at two hours.

What is a passing score for the CWCN certification?

Because the scoring system for the exam is scaled, there is no set passing score to obtain your CWCN certification.

How much does a CWCN certification cost?

The exam fee to take the CWCN exam is $395.00.

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Kate has been Mometrix’s Nursing and Medical Editor for over four years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Vanderbilt University, a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Marymount University, and a master’s degree in Education from Johns Hopkins. Kate is a critical care registered nurse who still works occasionally in the ICU and PACU.

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I purchased both The CWCN Exam Secrets Study Guide and the CWCN Exam Practice Questions. I would give them a 5 and I think they will be very helpful. I have been a CWCN for many years and it is time to renew. I like to have a lot of questions to practice with prior to taking the exam. You never know how difficult the exam will be. Most of the time has been pretty straight forward and I didn't find them difficult but one year was really hard. I passed but I didn't feel like I knew the material so ever since I want to study as much as I can to make sure I pass. Thank you for supplying us with study materials to prepare us for the exam.

CWCN Study Guide – Janet

Study guide was excellent in helping me refresh information I had taken in my classes. It focused on the information I will need for my exam later in the month. I feel more confident in getting ready to take my exam.

CWCN Study Guide – Joey

Very good book for those wishing to certify or recertify for the exam. Is also a great book to test your knowledge of wound care in order to insure that your residents/patients get the optimal wound care. CWCN Exam secrets gives test-taking pointers in addition to test questions. I would recommend this book to anyone in health care.

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The print and material are very well done. The content is very informative and up to date for preparation of wound care certification exam. I will not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone seriously thinking to prepare for a wound care certification exam.

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I rate this product at a 5. I have been CWOCN for 14 years and have decided to concentrate on recertification of the wounds only. We all know that what we do in real life isn't necessary what we need to know for testing. As I age tests are more difficult and worrisome. I am reading this guide daily and feeling much better about my ability to once again pass the test. This guide is precise the information needed and has built my confidence that I can this test. Test taking skills have been most beneficial.

CWCN Study Guide – Customer

The information was very detailed and informative. I Love how the book is very organized and to the point with great interventions. It’s a great study guide for people taking the test initially and refresher.

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