Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (2023)

Boston also has experienced high rates of cocaine abuse and alcoholism. The latter is the most common cause of treatment admissions within Boston, with a rate of 71.3 admissions per 10,000 residents ages twelve and older in 2016. Adolescent substance abuse is also on the rise in Boston. In 2015, 55% of high school students in Boston reported ever using alcohol. 38% reported using marijuana, 8% reported using prescription medication without a valid prescription, and 2% reported ever using heroin.

Due to the growing rates of substance abuse, mortality, and treatment admissions in Boston, there is a growing requirement for accessible, high-quality rehab facilities. This guide is meant to be a comprehensive, valuable resource for individuals and their families living in Boston and the surrounding communities who are on the journey to recovery. The selected treatment centers were analyzed based on multiple dimensions, including, but not limited to, the quality of the features offered by the facility, as well as the services offered by the care team.

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (1)

  • CleanSlate Outpatient Addiction Medicine
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.
  • Sunrise Detox Millbury LLC
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • AdCare Hospital
  • McLean Signature Recovery Programs—Fernside
  • The Dimock Center
  • Spring Hill Recovery Center
  • New England Recovery Center
  • Phoenix House’s Springfield Residential Program
  • Fran Rowan Meridian House
  • Banyan Treatment Center – Wilmington
  • Brook Recovery Centers
  • Northeast Addictions Treatment Center
  • Recovery Centers of America at Danvers

We used these five core metrics to determine the quality of each treatment center. For more information, feel free to read a full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

CleanSlate Outpatient Addiction Medicine

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (2)

82 Paris Street
Boston, MA 02128
Reviews: 3.00 stars, 2 reviews

Located in East Boston, CleanSlate offers high-quality medication-assisted treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction in an outpatient setting. CleanSlate has over 60 centers across the United States and has successfully treated more than 38,000 patients. The physicians and licensed medical professionals at the center take a compassionate, individualized approach to treatment. The center offers medication management and psychosocial interventions, such as behavioral therapies and self-help programs. It also provides comprehensive care coordination, including child care, housing, and transportation. CleanSlate’s evidence-based practices follow the guidelines set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

What patients are saying:

Many patients appreciate the friendly, caring, and compassionate staff, in addition to the cleanliness of the facility. According to one patient’s recent Google review, “The staff are extremely helpful and professional. The physicians are down to earth and super friendly too! I am very happy with the support and care I have received here. I highly recommend coming here if you need help!”

Massachusetts General Hospital

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (3)

101 Merrimac Street
Boston, MA 02114
Reviews: 4.90 stars, 17 reviews

Founded in 2005, Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Addiction Medicine (CAM) provides clinical evaluation, consultation, and care in an outpatient setting. It offers several programs that cater to the unique needs of prospective patients. The Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) is a program designed for youth and young adults ages 14 to 26 who are suffering from a substance use disorder. It offers support services for patients and their families, as well as patient outreach and care management. The West End Clinic provides outpatient behavioral therapy, medication treatment, and support services for individuals with addictive disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. The Recovery Research Institute offers resources to individuals, families, friends, and clinicians who are partnering with a loved one dealing with addiction. Clinical trials on novel pharmacological and behavioral treatments for drug and alcohol addiction are also available for both hospital patients and the public.

What patients are saying:

The majority of patients who reviewed this treatment center did not leave comments with their reviews, but one patient who benefitted from the treatment resources says, “Great information to share with others!”

Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (4)

66 Canal Street
Boston, MA 02114
Reviews: 4.50 stars, 34 reviews

Bay Cove Human Services provides a wide range of substance use treatment services in and around the city of Boston. It offers services such as substance abuse prevention, detoxification, short-term residential programming, individual group counseling, and outpatient treatment for opiate addiction. The Andrew House is a 32-bed acute treatment facility for adult men that offers short-term detoxification services. The BayCove Treatment Center is a seven-day-a-week outpatient program for patients with an opiate addiction. This program operates on a four-phase treatment plan, including an initial assessment phase, an active phase, a stabilization phase, and a transition phase with medication assistance. Specific behavioral treatment approaches used by the center include cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, 12-step facilitation, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, and much more.

What patients are saying:

According to one Google reviewer, “I’ve been going there since 2009, and it saved my life. Every single staff member is incredible and like family. I owe my life to Baycove. I’ve been to other methadone clinics and they don’t come close at all. I choose to go there even though I have another clinic five minutes from where I live. Every other clinic treat clients like a paycheck but, being at Baycove off and on for 9 years, I don’t have a single bad word to say about any single thing there!”

Sunrise Detox Millbury LLC

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (5)

29 N. Main Street
Millbury, MA 01527
Reviews: 5.00 stars, 9 reviews

Sunrise Detox is an award-winning medical detoxification center for drug and alcohol addiction located in Millbury, Massachusetts. The 18,000 square-foot center offers 40 beds, luxury accommodations such as gourmet meals, and 24-hour nursing assistance. The center has been accredited by the Joint Commission, who awarded it the gold seal of approval for its excellent care and customer service. This comfortable center has professional detox technicians, a pharmacy, a nursing staff, and certified addiction counselors on-site 24 hours a day.

What patients are saying:

Past and current patients recommend Sunrise Detox for its helpful and caring staff, highly comfortable facility, and excellent food. According to Stephen in his five-star review, “Was an awesome detox! Staff was super helpful, and they made sure I felt comfortable and safe during my stay. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for help.”

Boston Children’s Hospital

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (6)

300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is dedicated to identifying, diagnosing, and treating substance use disorders in children and adolescents. The multidisciplinary team is made up of psychiatrists, licensed social workers, and developmental-behavioral trained pediatricians working in tandem to support the physical and psychological health of patients for a lasting recovery. Clinical services include initial evaluations, individual and family counseling, group therapy, medication-assisted recovery, drug testing, parental guidance, case management and post-treatment follow-up.

AdCare Hospital

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (7)

107 Lincoln Street
Worcester, MA 01605
Reviews: 3.50 stars, 42 reviews

AdCare is a substance abuse center with locations in Worcester, Springfield, and Boston, Massachusetts. It has provided custom-tailored inpatient, outpatient, and family treatment services for over 40 years. Inpatient services include a three-to-five day detoxification process, a crisis stabilization unit, and a two-to-four week individualized rehabilitation program. The outpatient program consists of an initial evaluation; individual, group, and family counseling; educational sessions, and self-help participation in NA and AA meetings. AdCare holds a gold seal accreditation from the Joint Commission for its high-quality services.

What patients are saying:

Patients recommend the facility for its compassionate and professional physicians and nurses. One recent reviewer states, “The people there took great care of my son, and he is still doing well on his road to recovery. Thank you.”

McLean Signature Recovery Programs—Fernside

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (8)

115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Reviews: 4.20 stars, 9 reviews

The McLean Signature Recovery Program is a world-class 30-day residential treatment plan for patients addicted to alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and other substances. The program is well-suited for prospective patients who have completed previous programs but have relapsed or have a risk of relapsing. Providing around-the-clock clinical care in a state-of-the-art historic inn setting, the program offers individual behavioral therapies with medication assistance if needed, small group treatment, and mind-body-spirit integrative treatments that incorporate yoga, fitness, music therapy, and much more. The program is overseen by Harvard Medical School-affiliated clinicians who are experts in substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders.

What patients are saying:

One patient of the 30-day program attests, “Trained and compassionate staff with beautiful amenities, [and a] serene environment that is appropriate for healing and recovery. The staff is amazing; the environment is very therapeutic.”

The Dimock Center

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (9)

55 Dimock Street
Roxbury, MA 02119
Reviews: 3.60 stars, 65 reviews

The Dimock Center is a Joint Commission-accredited treatment center that provides community-oriented, culturally-competent residential programs for men and women that can last from several weeks to more than a year, depending on patient needs. The center offers five programs tailored to specific genders and stages in the recovery process. The Women’s Renewal and My Sister’s House programs are women’s residential care programs offering short-term and long-term treatment, respectively. The Askia Academy and John Flowers Recovery Home are long-term men’s recovery programs that emphasize active community support for a sustained recovery. All of the programs focus on peer support with group therapies, individual counseling, relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, and more.

What patients are saying:

Many of the patients who left reviews recommend the facility for its helpful, kind, and professional staff. One past patient states, “I participated in one of the programs at Dimock Community Health Center, and it truly was a challenge for me. The road to recovery is not easy, but, in this place, they were sincerely interested in me, and thanks to the constant support I received from them, I was able to achieve it. In general, the services offered are agile and efficient, highly recommended.”

Spring Hill Recovery Center

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (10)

250 Spring Hill Road
Ashby, MA 04131
Reviews: 3.60 stars, 16 reviews

Spring HIll Recovery Center offers intensive outpatient and residential programs for patients with all types of substance use disorders. Spring Hill holds an accreditation with the Joint Commission and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Its personalized, evidence-based treatment programs consist of detoxification assistance, individual and group behavioral therapies, and recovery activities, such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and fitness routines. The center spans 70 acres of serene woodlands in North Central Massachusetts, providing a homey campus atmosphere in a natural, peaceful setting conducive to reflection and personal growth.

What patients are saying:

According to one patient, “Saved my life! A true gem. Loved the staff, patients and the incredible individualized care I was given. I am thankful every sober day I continue to live I had the opportunity of Spring Hill.”

New England Recovery Center

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (11)

153 Oak Street
Westborough, MA 01581
Reviews: 2.90 stars, 24 reviews

New England Recovery Center offers comprehensive inpatient treatment services on a picturesque campus in Westborough, Massachusetts. The center provides on-campus detoxification; supportive individual, group, and family counseling; life skills training, motivational interviewing, and 12-step facilitation. Additionally, it offers holistic treatment services to supplement the above programs, including meditation, massage therapy, yoga, and more. After clients are discharged from the center, they receive continuing care support, such as outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment, and community-based resources to ensure a lasting recovery.

What patients are saying:

Many patients mention the supportive, helpful, and caring staff at New England Recovery Center. One family member of a patient writes, “My daughter just completed this detox program and then went to residential for a week. She had been once before but said this time was much better, and there were more choices during free time. She seemed like she had really taken some skills away this time, thanks!”

Phoenix House’s Springfield Residential Program

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (12)

5 Madison Avenue
Springfield, MA 01105
888-671-9392 or 800 378 4435
Reviews: 4.10 stars, 10 reviews

Phoenix House New England is a leading provider of addiction recovery services with 20 programs across the region. Phoenix House New England’s CARF-accredited programs comprise a wide array of services, including detoxification; individual, group and family counseling; case management, relapse prevention, recreational activities, and recovery management.

The Springfield Residential Program at Phoenix House offers gender-specific treatment for drug- and alcohol-addicted adults. The facility is located in Springfield’s historic Maple Hill district, with two neighboring buildings providing separate accommodations for men and women. The skilled and compassionate staff work with each patient to create a treatment plan that addresses his or her individual needs and strengths.

What patients are saying:

According to one patient’s five-star review, “This place helped me out. It’s a great program, and [you] get what you put into it. The staff really does care and will do what they can. If you’re looking for a good program, then give yourself and this program a chance and come here.”

Fran Rowan Meridian House

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (13)

408 Meridian Street East
Boston, MA 02128
Reviews: 4.58 stars, 27 reviews

Fran Rowan Meridian House is an intensive 30-bed residential rehabilitation center located in East Boston for adults with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. The nine-to-twelve month program is comprised of structured therapeutic clinical groups, weekly self-help groups, life skills training, and more. Therapeutic clinical groups utilize a wide variety of therapies, including mindfulness-based stress reduction, emotional processing, expressive therapy, and conflict resolution. Medication-assisted treatment is also offered for qualified patients.

What patients are saying:

Fran Rowan Meridian House is in the business of assisting patients in regaining and recapturing their lives without the destructiveness of substance addiction. This is a self-help program whose staff and residents alike are geared towards the end result of becoming and remaining totally drug free by helping each other achieve this goal.

Banyan Treatment Center – Wilmington

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (14)

66K Concord St.
Wilmington, MA 01887
(844) 762-3744
Reviews: 4.90 stars, 91 reviews

Banyan Treatment Center in Wilmington is a Joint Commission-accredited rehabilitation center that provides evidence-based, customized treatment options for a variety of substance addictions. The center offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and regular outpatient treatment programs. Patients can expect a wide array of therapies during recovery, including individual therapy, group therapy, and reality therapy. Other services include 12-step facilitation, mindfulness programs, motivational interviewing, medication-assisted treatment, and more. An alumni program is also available that provides aftercare support to former patients, such as vocational counseling and housing assistance for a sustainable recovery.

What patients are saying:

Many patients who left reviews are impressed by Banyan’s caring and knowledgeable staff. They describe the center as having a family-like atmosphere, which made a big impact on their recovery. One five-star reviewer says, “Banyan saved my life. They are hands down the best program I have ever been to, and I owe my success to them. The staff is incredible. They truly understand and care for us. The groups we attend not only teach us about recovery but help us apply what we learn about ourselves in the real world. We matter to them, and they care that we succeed. They are 100% selfless and strive to help us recover. Thank you!”

Brook Recovery Centers

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (15)

673 Bedford Street
Abington, MA 02351
Reviews: 5.00 stars, 16 reviews

Brook Recovery Centers integrate evidence-based clinical therapies, psychiatric services, recovery skills, and wellness programming into its day and outpatient treatment programs for adult men and women in Abington, Massachusetts.The center’s day treatment program occurs for 25 hours each week, which patients may attend either from home or at the sober living environment. The outpatient program is a structured treatment plan that lasts 3.5 hours a day, three times per week and incorporates individual, group and family therapy; accountability through peer support, and 12-step facilitation. The outpatient program is ideal for patients who want to balance treatment with other life responsibilities, such as work or school.

What patients are saying:

Many alumni of the program mention the effective tools they learned in their time at the center that aided in their recovery, and how their recovery was further bolstered by the caring and helpful staff. One patient impressed by the individualized treatment approach remarks that Brook Recovery is not centered around a “cookie-cutter, ‘one size fits all’ approach.” A recent five-star reviewer says, “The Brook Recovery Center has a knowledgeable, personable staff that has guided me through my recovery. They have made it possible for me to work on myself in a safe, clean and homey feeling environment. Their clinical treatment & 12-step is a perfect fit for anyone struggling, and I would highly recommend.”

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (16)

36 Miller Stile Road
Quincy, MA 02169
Reviews: 4.8 stars, 66 reviews

Based in the Boston suburb of Quincy, Northeast Addictions Treatment Center offers day, intensive outpatient, and regular outpatient treatment programs for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. This evidence-based treatment center offers a wide range of services, including behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, internal family systems therapy, 12-step therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and motivational interviewing. NATC holds accreditation with the Joint Commission for its high-quality services.

What patients are saying:

One alumna of the program says in her five-star review, “Extremely grateful for NATC. The staff works miracles! They have helped me to restore my faith and provide knowledge on how to live a happy, well-balanced life. Alumni program has been great to join. It allows me to stay involved in the program and community and meet others among the fellowship.”

Recovery Centers of America at Danvers

Alcohol, Drug, and other Rehab Centers in Boston, MA | (17)

75 Lindall Street
Danvers, MA 01923
Reviews: 4.3 stars, 40 reviews

Recovery Centers of America is one of the fastest growing treatment centers in the United States, with facilities across Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The center in Danvers provides acute treatment services, clinical stabilization services, outpatient treatment, and medication-assisted treatment for drug- and alcohol-addicted individuals, in addition to offering support to the families of patients. Additionally, the center offers specialized programs for patients who have relapsed and older adults with substance addiction. Patients can expect a holistic approach to recovery, utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step facilitation, trauma-informed therapy, individual and group therapy, psychiatric care, peer support, and much more. An alumni and family program is available that offers regular family support groups and therapy, as well as a sober support network to maximize the probability of a sustained recovery.

What patients are saying:

Many patients are very impressed by the state-of-the-art facility and appreciate the attentive, compassionate, and helpful staff. One reviewer says, “RCA saved my life. The personal attention and group meetings were so valuable to realizing that life can go on sober. I have been out of RCA for 2 years now; life is so much better. Having the alumni to be able to lean on is such a gift!”

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